• Munawar Chudary

Community Well-Wishers Quotes

Kelly Williams Scott - "I'm so glad that you and your family chose to settle in Bradford as we did nearly 24 years ago. You are always the first to sign up for community events and you are a tireless champion of all that is good in Bradford. Wishing you every success!" Anne Cordes - "You as a newcomer Munawar have worked very hard as a volunteer and did try to get to know Bradford as a town, as a community and as a living heritage for many. Thank you for all you have worked to belong to and establish."

Jonathan Scott - "Great to see you running given your strong professional experience and passion as such a dedicated community volunteer!" Robyn Freer - "As a small business owner, I always appreciate receiving support from our community. I voted today for someone who supports individuals and businesses in our community and I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that ward 5 elects a new councillor! Good luck, Munawar!"

Brigette Garrote - "I totally agree with her statement. I also voted yesterday good luck."

Tina Sibbald, insight about our upcoming Municipal election

"Ward 5: Munawar Ahmed Chudary. A decent respectful person of inclusion and committed to the community. I judge people also on their business ethics and he wins in this ward, or any ward for that matter, hands-down."

Thank you for the kind words!

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